Industrial Coating Solutions 


We offer a complete line of industrial coatings with full technical support to provide you with a SYNTEK SOLUTION that best fits your requirements :


Syntek specializes in working closely with customers to identify their needs in order to provide a coating system that best meets their individual specifications. Our laboratory experts allow us to provide remarkable paint systems and customize them for each industry and individual's needs. Strict measures are taken for quality control to ensure the highest standards are continuously maintained so our coatings can provide long lasting durable results. We offer a complete line of industrial coatings with full technical support: See our product section for more information. 





Solutions for the Oil Industry 


Solutions for the Oil Industry With today's challenging environmental conditions in the oil-field industry, coatings must provide superior protection and long lasting durability. Syntek provides high performance industrial coatings using the highest quality raw materials available in conjunction with the knowledge of laboratory experts to achieve outstanding corrosion, chemical and abrasive resistance. Syntek coatings provides excellent end-results with easy application and maintenance which will leave your applications shine for a longer period of time


OEM Solutions 


Syntek is dedicated to providing custom-made coatings solutions to individual environments which help optimize production time. Markets such as; farming equipment, truck and dump bodies, gravel trailers, heavy machinery equipment and many more are turning towards Syntek coatings solutions for our proven aesthetic finish as well as our high performance durable properties. Our full line of high build primers and topcoats provide optimum end results, with properties that provide excellent color retention, and outstanding gloss protection. Our coatings have been tested to provide outstanding chemical, impact and abrasion resistance so your investment can remain in an excellent condition for a longer period of time.


Automotive & Fleet Solutions 


Syntek specializes in the automotive and fleet industry providing excellent coating systems and meeting clients specifications. Our paint systems provide extremely durable properties and we offer continuous technical service with our laboratory experts. We provide multiple coating systems which will exceed your expectations from corrosion to color retention properties and cosmetic requirements for the following industries; transportation, service vehicles for the petroleum industry, utility service companies, farming equipment, railcar industries and many more.


Marine Applications 


Syntek has developed coating systems for marine and offshore applications that protect against the most extreme operating conditions. Our durable marine line of products protect against the harsh salty and fresh water environments. These coatings can be used on a variety of marine applications protecting equipment and structures to reduce unplanned repairs and downtime.


Solutions for Metal Finishing & Steel Fabrication


As a supplier for the steel fabricators and any other type of metal finishing we offer solutions for all aspects of steel and metal protection. Syntek offers a comprehensive line of protective coatings for various areas of metal finishing and steel fabrication such as; bridges and highway infrastructures and steel structures that are exposed to the harsh and damaging effects of the environment.



Syntek welcomes new customer-relationships to help you with any toll manufacturing needs you may require. We can help extend your service, production capabilities, and increase your market share in the industry. Outsourcing your processing requirements can give you access to levels of expertise and equipment that you might otherwise be lacking in your own organization. 



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